Week 23

Is the glass half empty or half full: or is it a bit of both?

Learning more about the power of attention. On a daily bases how much does a person pay attention, I mean really pay attention to all that is going on around them. It is easy to put the blinders on on look straight ahead, but look at what you are missing out on. A persons world has so much to offer, we just have to pay attention. 

Now it’s true it is not always easy and I am far from an expert at it, but the more I slow down and look around I see beautiful things. 

I must share, since starting MKMMA my attention to detail has greatly improved. In the past I have taken lots of shortcuts (depending what the situation was). However, have really noticed a change in my attention in my environment and to my tasks I need to get done, becoming more efficient in my day to day activities. I love it. What a great growing experience.

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22 A

“What I must do is all that concerns me, not what other people think.”

” Men have looked away from themselves and at things so long, that they have come to esteem the religious, learned, and civil institutions as guards of property, and they deprecate assaults on these because they feel them to be assaults on property. They measure their esteem of each other by what each has not by what each is” MKMMA

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.


All so true, yet going through the many weeks of MKMMA I have come to realize that I am only now at the beginning of a great journey. 

I have learned so much yet it is only the start, yet I am so impressed with myself for my changes that I have made to this date.


”  The unexamed life is not worth living” (Socrates)



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Week 22

A very interesting week. I couldn’t last more than a couple of hours being quite. Lots of excuses, like how will I teach the kids school? What if they need my help and I could keep going on. Here’s the funny thing yesterday I got a sore throat, headache and by noon, guess who couldn’t talk. Yep till today and here is the wild thing, right now no sore throat, voice is back AND I really enjoyed the time. I think I was avoiding the experience because I new if I was quite and really observing I would start observing myself and my thoughts and I was not to sure I wanted to do that.


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Week 21

Everything is a miracle, great statement.

With this week I have observed how I have been transforming. Amazin. Reflecting back I have seen that impatient really described me but guess what I am becoming calmer in everyday situations and it feels great. Tension, lots with lots of headaches. Sitting back and seeing everything as a miracle has opened up a new world and I am loving it. 

Life really is what you make of it and you never know when your done. Just 3 weeks ago my cousin 68 years young was diagnosed with brain cancer and he died the day before yesterday. Life is wonderful we must embrace everyday and start it with a great big smile on your face and be thankful.




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Week 20

I would like to share the following

“What have you been avoiding because of discomfort? Learn the discomfort is your friend -when your uncomfortable, your trying something new, your learning, your expanding, your becoming more than you were before. Discomfort is a sign that you’re growing.

When you run from discomfort all the time, you are restricted to a small zone or comfort, and so you miss out on most of life” ( Leo Babauta).

This statement just really hit home for me. I have not tried so many things due to discomfort/fear what ever you want to call it. Really am I going to die ,NO  I am just going to feel out of place. However, 

Yes someday I will no longer be here, I will be dead, so why does fear still get in the way? We need to live while we are alive. Have a great weekend.


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Week 19

Fear! there is a destroying word. I sure can reflect through my life and see where that very thing “fear” has stopped me from achieving, moving forward, etc. it was not until my children started growing that I truly relized that. Now helping them achieve and grow has had some very challenging moments. How can. I ask them not to be fearful when I have aloud ( at times) for fear to have such a great effect on major decisions in my life. There was an eye opener. 

I really like a statement I read on one of the blogs.

if your ship doesn’t come swim out to it.



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Week 18

Balance, the ever challenge of finding the right balance. reclaiming my ability to think and choose has been welcomed over the course, esp. the last couple of months. I am slowing down and thinking and have stopped working in auto brain.

i am no longer pretending to be happy in the area of my nursing profession and am really working hard on my hearts desire. “The will to live not just be alive”

Have a great week

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